[root@a02]$show dbs;
changhong_tv_cms 0.078GB

[root@a02]$ mongodump -d changhong_tv_cms -o

/workspace/db_baks$ scp -r -P 22022 .

/workspace/db_baks$ mongorestore --directoryperdb

$ mongodump –help

–help produce help message
-v [ –verbose ] be more verbose (include multiple times for more
verbosity e.g. -vvvvv)
–version print the program’s version and exit
-h [ –host ] arg mongo host to connect to ( <set name>/s1,s2 for
–port arg server port. Can also use –host hostname:port
–ipv6 enable IPv6 support (disabled by default)
-u [ –username ] arg username
-p [ –password ] arg password
–dbpath arg directly access mongod database files in the given
path, instead of connecting to a mongod server –
needs to lock the data directory, so cannot be used
if a mongod is currently accessing the same path
–directoryperdb if dbpath specified, each db is in a separate
–journal enable journaling
-d [ –db ] arg database to use
-c [ –collection ] arg collection to use (some commands)
-o [ –out ] arg (=dump) output directory or “-” for stdout
-q [ –query ] arg json query
–oplog Use oplog for point-in-time snapshotting
–repair try to recover a crashed database
–forceTableScan force a table scan (do not use $snapshot)

-h 导出源
-d 要导出的数据库名称
-o 数据库要导出的位置


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