basename/dirname 获取文件名/路径

(1)basename(file_name [, suffix] ) → base_name

Returns the last component of the filename given in file_name, which can be formed using bothFile::SEPARATOR and File::ALT_SEPARATOR as the separator when File::ALT_SEPARATOR is not nil. If suffix is given and present at the end of file_name, it is removed.

File.basename("/home/gumby/work/ruby.rb")          #=> "ruby.rb"
File.basename("/home/gumby/work/ruby.rb", ".rb")   #=> "ruby"

(2)dirname(file_name) → dir_name

Returns all components of the filename given in file_name except the last one. The filename can be formed using both File::SEPARATOR and File::ALT_SEPARATOR as the separator whenFile::ALT_SEPARATOR is not nil.

File.dirname("/home/gumby/work/ruby.rb")   #=> "/home/gumby/work"


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